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Every episode is going to be some old ditty from my life and the people in it. Hopefully I get them involved somehow and we merge some video clips into a timeline of the performances with the record while we tell the story of how the song gets written, recorded and using what equipment, we’re always on a budget so creativity is present in every aspect of the process. I show you how to do it all. I spent some good years in many different recording studios, one I even helped build and wire from scratch. So If you want to make records, I’ll teach you a million ways to do it.


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  • The First step is to buy, borrow, and acquire every quality instrument, microphone and headphone you can get your hands on. That goes for preamps and powered monitors too, they are easy one-piece plug and play, you always need transducers, like Headphones and microphones and speakers, spend a little money on these and you’re results will be better off for it. It’s like good shoes and a good bed your body will be better off for that. I guess these days step one also includes a computer but if you’re reading this you already have one of those.


  • Cables are less expensive if you learn to solder and make your own. (Always use “Mogami” Cable) Connectors are usually as good as your soldering skill so start with cheap connectors and once you can hear the difference buy yourself some expensive connectors and switch them out on your awesome “Mogami” cables. More on soldering when I do a cable-building episode.


  • Get an industry standard multi-track recording platform like Protools or Logic. They have entry-level stuff at the $200 range. $200 use to buy you a whole 2.5 hours in a studio, so from my point of view setting up a studio in the home is extremely affordable. Shop for a deal that includes an A/D interface for Protools, they sell bundles with plug in’s (effects) (drums) (amp models). Logic is sold Ala Carte (piece by piece) so you’ll want to get something like a “Duet” around $500-600 or Apogee also makes a piece Called “One” I’m using it and I love it, very small and versatile for $300-350 that records two inputs, a 1/4inch from an instrument and XLR Microphone simultaneously. Or use the onboard Microphone, which is really good.


  • Do it yourself record production and distribution, Instrument setup and repair or build some cheap clapped out junk you found somewhere and make it ugly and functional or spend some time and make some art to make more art with. Make a new instrument no one has ever seen or heard before, c’mon, I love it, that’s what spray paint is for, do you know a visual artist or painter ask them if they’ll paint your guitar or whatever your Franken-piece is. I’ll pick a project, show you the work, and sell you the record if you want it.


  • This Old Ditty will be the main distribution outlet for my art and for my commentary, in the form of many songs and ideas and instrument builds and restorations and general tinkering and explaining all the things I learned along the way, and learning new stuff from the world every day. I’m even going to resurrect my first NYC Rock bands old tape recordings found in a duffle bag.



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